At Sylvan Park, we believe that our products should enrich your life, not just accessorize it. We do not choose between form and function, but instead strive to harmonize them. All of our products are designed, cut, and sewn in NYC. We are devoted to making high quality pieces designed to last a lifetime. We do this by using local craftsmen and the finest materials, while always being mindful of our impact on the environment and our community.

Sylvan Park launched in the summer of 2014 with our flagship bag, the Prospect Tote. In a world where we now carry our life and work with us, we recognized a need for a useful yet refined bag that can become a staple in one’s wardrobe. The tote is an all-day bag, available in two sizes, and is made using Italian vegetable tanned leather and brass hardware. The standout feature of the Prospect Tote is it’s interchangeable lapel. The lapel is a coordinating leather pocket affixed to the tote by brass snaps. The modular nature of the lapel allows the owner freedom to change the look of their tote by reversing or interchanging with a new lapel.

Craftsmanship and material choice is of upmost importance to Sylvan Park. Therefore, we make it a priority to be hands on through the creation of each piece. This extends to all areas including design, sourcing, and production. We produce our small accessories in house and work with local NYC based craftsman to produce the line. Our collection is handmade in small NYC factories that live up to the Sylvan Park standards which include proper working conditions and fair wages.


The genuine full-grain leather used in our entire collection is created using an age-old process of vegetable tanning, which utilizes plant-based materials and is free from the harsh substances used to tan most leather today. Our certified* leather is sourced from a family-owned tannery in Tuscany, and all hides are a by-product of the food industry. 

Because of the natural tanning and dying process, each piece is one of a kind. Variations in grain, texture, color and markings are what makes this leather and each Sylvan Park piece unique. 

Vegetable tanned leather requires a little bit of love to ensure it ages gracefully. Our leather does not wear out, but instead gains its own character over time. Periodic conditioning (with clear wax-free products designed for vegetable tanned leather) will help to keep the leather supple and eliminate scratches.

Please limit exposure to the harsh elements and try to keep your piece out of the rain to avoid spotting. Any spills or liquids should be immediately absorbed with a clean cloth and allowed to dry completely before storing or conditioning. As with any naturally-dyed piece, there is always a chance that some color can transfer to lighter colored leathers or clothing. Please take care while breaking in your leather.

Daily use, exposure to the sun, and the oils from your skin will change the color and finish of your vegetable tanned leather piece; developing what is known as its patina. All Sylvan Park pieces are designed to embrace, and be enhanced, by this change. 

Please feel free to contact us for any advice about the care of your Sylvan Park products. A good leather specialist or cobbler is another great resource for proper care and supplies. Be sure to test any new cleaning or conditioning products on a hidden part of your bag first. As a good rule of thumb, always store your bag in its cotton dust bag to help ensure that it lasts for years.



*Certified by the Pelle Conciata al Vegetale